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About Us

The Good Newz is a weekly children’s church bulletin developed to help children learn about The Bible, Christian values, and living a Godly life of worship. This theologically-sound, age-appropriate package includes children’s bulletins for three age groups called The Good Newz and a fun bulletin called Prayer Pups Sunday Funnies.

Prayer Pups is an exclusive comic strip aimed at churches and Christian organizations to provide a fun and exciting new way to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each episode of the comic strip leads our four-legged friends to a lesson in God’s ways, to a study of Scripture or to a conclusion based on Christian principles. And it’s always done with humor.

Both are the work of Jeffrey Smith, who’s been drawing cartoons for longer than he can remember. Jeff has worked on projects for Disney, Twentieth Century Fox, McDonald’s and many other large entertainment firms over the last 15 years. Now he’s focusing his talents on spreading the word of Christ through the mouths of his latest creation…Prayer Pups.

Jeff lives in Kingwood, Texas with his wife Sebrina and their own Prayer Pug, Newton.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Unfortunately, due to the volume of email received, we can’t guarantee an answer to each email. Comments, suggestions and ideas can be emailed to us by clicking here.

Please note that we do not pay for submissions or ideas for comic strips or content for THE GOOD NEWZ.