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How we’re different

Children’s worship bulletins have traditionally been aimed at keeping children busy while providing a Christian message. It was a good tool for its time, but THE GOOD NEWZ takes Children’s Church Bulletins to whole new level of Christian education, engagement and worship with three age-appropriate bulletins that will thrill your church’s children.

"You will not regret purchasing these for your church!
They are reasonably priced and have eternal impact."
- Dr. Mark Estep, Lifeway Board of Trustees, Spring Baptist Church Sr. Pastor

We offer your children's ministry:

  • Individual bulletins for 3 distinct age groups: 3-5, 6-9 & 10-12
  • Weekly devotionals tailored to a child’s understanding of God
  • Exclusive comic strips featuring the PRAYER PUPS
  • Jokes and riddles
  • Puzzles and wordsearches
  • Coloring pages
  • Thoughts of the Week
  • And more!

Best of all, the puzzles and activities in THE GOOD NEWZ church bulletins aren’t just for filling time, they reinforce good Christian behavior that will last a lifetime, such as searching the Bible for answers; discussing questions with parents and friends; connecting Christian concepts to daily life; and much more.

"The kids love them and look forward to receiving them each week."
- Jane Edmond, OLV Catholic Church

No Jesus Cartoons

It’s important to note that it’s been shown that smaller children take representations of people literally. That's why The Good Newz Children’sBulletins will never portray Jesus Christ or any Biblical figure as a cartoon character. Children need to understand that Jesus is real person they can love and trust.

"If you're currently using a bulletin that portrays Jesus
as a cartoon character, think about the message you’re sending."
- Mike Williams, St. John's Episcopal Children's Minister


Customizable To Your Church

You can add your church’s name and address to the bulletins, creating a bulletin that’s personally branded to your church. This makes these bulletins great “leave behinds” at community events, hospital visits or “welcome to the neighborhood” packages.

In addition to adding your church’s information, you can also change the devotional to match your sermon for that week. Join the hundreds of churches that have made The Good Newz their choice for children’s church bulletins.

"Many of our families have told us they talk about
and finish them together after church."
- Gail Biesiadny, Community UMC